A Sandwich Generationer’s Joys
By Carol Abaya

His little face lit up as my car stopped in front of the house.
His nose pressed against the door glass.  His squeal of delight
as I brought in my usual bag of goodies.

“Oh, a sticker book.  Let’s do it now!”

Simple joys to warm one’s heart.

And goodies for Mom too.  A book.  A newspaper article.  My special
meat sauce so she wouldn’t have to cook in the intense heat.
As she, with a stomach rounded with a new life within, restlessly
moved to become more comfortable, smiled at the antics of her
soon to be eldest.  Another kick from within.

Another member of the family would soon enter this world.  So
they were moving to a larger house.

I packed a few more boxes.  Walked the dog, too large to be
trusted with the woman with the fat stomach.  My back ached,
and my feet hurt.

But, oh, the simple joys of life!

As darkness came on, I got up to leave.

“Why?” asked the little one.

“I have to feed BoBo.”


And so I left for home.

The next day I traveled 50 miles in the opposite direction.
I ran errands and went to the house.  As I walked in, she
looked up from reading her newspaper.  A smile.  “I didn’t
hear you come in.”

More errands and grocery shopping.  “Don’t pay more than
$.99 for the soda.  Don’t pay more than....”

We chatted over a take-in supper, catching up on family news.
Who did what and how everyone else was feeling.

“They’re so smart,” she said, of her three great-grandsons.
“They were into everything,” she recalled, after a recent
visit to celebrate her 90th birthday.  “They’re too far away,” she said sadly.

Some more chatting.  A few arguments and words of warning
that she needed to be more careful or she would fall again.

As darkness came, I hastened home to care for my
four-legged loved one.

“Drive carefully,” she said to me.  “Call me when you get home.”

I am a Sandwich Generationer!  The trick is to savor the
smiles, the happy words, to ignore the groans and
complaints, the sharp words.  After all, to enjoy the small
joys of life is bliss.

(PS.  Garret Alexander came into this world September 9, and BoBo departed October 5.)

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