MASTER catalog -- MONTH  #3

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FYI from winter 1995 TSG magazine, as edited

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  Special Features   

        Protecting Your $$:  Will YOUR heirs be cheated?  The real truth behind multiple marriages and inheritances.  Your heirs may get nothing.  Learn why and how to protect your $$.  SF/TSG: Item #007. $1.50.   Click here to order.

     Family Focus:  A Day in the Life of …   A real life story of a generous family who had both various elderly family members live with them as well as  two troubled young boys, who were complete strangers.  Numerous pets that also needed care added to the family dynamics.   TIPS to help YOU cope.   SF/TSG:  Item #008;  $ 1.50.   Click here to order.  

Grudges: Tough to Deal With.    Grudges can tear you apart.  The experts discuss the whys and how to avoid them.  SF/TSG: Item #009.  $1.00.    Click here to order.

Questions and Answers

Caregiving:  Role reversal == major lifestyle and thought process changes.  Some helpful TIPS to protect the caregiver.  Q&A/GS:  Item #106.  $1.50.  Click here to order.

Confusion and Memory Loss  are tough to deal with, especially from an emotional vantage point.  Here are some concrete TIPS to help you.  Also, guidance as to whether or not your loved one may have Alzheimers.  Q&A/GS: Item #107.  $1.50.  Click here to order.