Warnings from Social Security

The words ‘social security’ are frequently used to lure seniors into a web of deceit.  Often unscrupulous people offer to do a task for a fee that can really be obtained free from the real Social Security.

Local Offices on Aging warn:  don’t give out personal data to anyone you don’t know either over the phone or to a post office box.    

And advises Social Security, if you receive mail that you think is questionable, send the entire solicitation, including the envelope, to the Social Security Administration, Office of Public Affairs, Misleading Advertising, Box 17740, Baltimore, MD 21235.


Spend Days Wisely

Yesterday is a Cancelled Check:   You can’t do anything about it.
Tomorrow is a Promissory Note.  Who knows what the day will bring?

Today is Cash.   Enjoy spending it!


Who are Caregivers?

Former First Lady Rosalynn Carter in a book “Helping Yourself Help Others” points out that there are only four kinds of people in the world:

Those who have been caregivers.
Those who are currently caregivers.
Those who will be caregivers, and
Those who will need caregivers.


Education = Change

Sandwich Generationers must be the ones to initiate change in parental relationships.  This often involves an on-going communication and education process.

Say management experts:  Change is an over-time, not overnight, process.  You, first of all, need to change your own mindset, to set goals, and evaluate alternatives to meet those goals.

As an on-going process, you can, the experts say, implement change.


Great Advice

YESTERDAY has passed beyond our control; it is gone.  Let it go!
TOMORROW is unknown, and as such we have no stake in it.

TODAY enables one to handle tasks and “needs” of just that day.  Enjoy it!


The “I” Self
The “I” Self of an aging parent needs to be protected as much as that of a Sandwich Generationer.

Step back and look at your own behavior and attitude.
How have you shown or communicated your concern?

Have you responded in anger or frustration?  Have you lectured the person about the problems you’ve identified?  Have you pushed aside the person’s feelings and said,  “You can’t do this any more;  I’ll do it?”  Have you just done things without discussing them with your loved one?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, step back.  You’ve attacked your parent’s “I” Self and hurt your own.

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