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Special Features

SF001The Sandwich Generation
SF002Becoming a Parent to a Parent
SF003After the Funeral
SF004Laughter = Best Medicine
SF005The Changing Role of Health Care Professionals
SF006The Guilt Trap
SF007Will Your Heirs Get What You Want Them To?
SF008Four Generations Plus Struggle for Balance
SF009Grudges Tough to Deal With
SF011Moving Elders
SF012Living Wills, Medical Proxy
SF013How Three Generations Adjust to Living Together
SF014Breaking the Barriers to Communicating With an Elder
SF015How to Do "IT" Better
SF016The Tragedy of Alzheimer's
SF017Should You Quit Work to Care for Mom? NO!
SF018Understanding Stressors and Personalities
SF019Spirituality == THE Key to Life
SF020End of Life Decisions
SF021Long-term Care Insurance
SF022Illegal Nursing Home Contracts
SF023Blended Families Equal Different Stressors and Opportunities

Questions & Answers

QA101"NO" Needs to be Learned
QA102Maintaining Elder Independence
QA103Money can be a touchy subject
QA104Fun == Better Mental and Physical Health
QA105Medicine CAN Kill
QA106Caregiving: Identify Changes and TRUE Needs
QA107Confusion and Memory Loss
QA108Fragile Health Results from Life's Changes
QA109Living Alternatives: the Good and the Bad
QA110Medicine and HMO's
QA111How to Respect Elder's Values


CC301Conversation #1 -- Role Reversal
CC302Conversation #2 -- Legal Dangers and Protection
CC303Conversation #3 -- Empowering Elders
CC304Conversation #4 Words of Wisdom
CC305Conversation #5 When to Stop Driving
CC306Conversation #6 -- Saying "NO"
CC307Conversation #7 Medicare and HMO Alert
CC308Conversation #8 Pets == Better Health and Happiness