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Elder Care Authority

Carol Abaya, M.A. is a woman before her time. She follows in the footsteps of her mother, Sarah K. Goldstein, who graduated college in 1926 and was the first woman real estate broker in New Jersey.

In her early years, Carol was an investigative newspaper reporter and foriegn correspondent. She was the very first female journalist to travel extensively around the world and to interview one-on-one heads of state in developing countries. She found herself in the midst of and wrote about race riots in the US, and revolutions in Asia.

In her middle years, she became an expert on elder parent care and aging issues. She popularized the phrase "the Sandwich Generation." The phrase became an acknowledged English language term as a result of Carol's work.

Carol is nationally recognized as an expert on the sandwich generation, aging and elder/parent care issues. As a journalist, she has written about aging issues for more than 25 years. Her magazine, The Sandwich Generation®, was the first to talk about the challenges of elder/parent care. Her nationally syndicated weekly columns reached as many as 1,000,000 readers.

Ms. Abaya has been featured in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Kiplinger's Retirement Report, and New Choices magazine. She has appeared on The Phil Donahue Show, NBC Nightly News, Ernie Anastas' Talk Show, CNN and FNN. Ms. Abaya regularly appears on radio programs across the country, discussing a wide range of topics about finances, emotional issues, and aging challenges.

She has been a featured speaker for such important organizations as the American Society on Aging, the Assisted Living Federation of America, NJ Gerontological Society, NJ Bar Association's Elder Law Committee, and the New Jersey Society on Aging, to name a few.

Carol has been honored by the U.S. Department of Labor's Women's Bureau, New Choices Magazine, the New Jersey State Legislature and the Monmouth County Council on the Status of Women for her work with aging issues. She served on an AARP panel of experts, when AARP released a critical multi-cultural study on baby boomers and elder care. Ms. Abaya currently serves as a member of the Monmouth County Office on Aging Advisory Council.

The Sandwich Generation® : My experience

More than 25% of American families are involved in some way with elder/parent care. So, if you are, know you are not alone. You now have a new role on the stage of life, for which you can never rehearse.

Carol AbayaI became involved very suddenly in my parents daily care and life in 1991. My mother was 85 at the time and my father 90. The family was completely unprepared to deal with the many legal, financial and emotional issues. There was little information to guide me. Little to help me deal with my roller coaster emotions. Little to help me deal with sandwich generation role reversal scenarios. Or having to make decisions for my very independent parents.

Since then I've developed what many feel is a unique understanding of the diverse elements in our changing and aging society and the needs of sandwich generationers and the elderly.

The headlines in a New York Times article says it best:
"A Survival Course for The Sandwich Generation®. Carol Abaya Learned the Hard Way What It's Like to Care for Elderly Parents. She Wants to Make It Easier for Others."

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Today, this in a nutshell is my objective, through lectures and seminars.


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