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QA101: "NO" Needs to be Learned
Role reversal and elder dependence on the sandwich generation result in enormous stress on everyone. Sandwich Generationers need to take care of SELF and learn to say "NO." Here's how.
QA102: Maintaining Elder Independence
Adult children's objectives should be to help parents remain as independent as possible as long as possible. TIPS for helping them.
QA103: Money can be a touchy subject
But everyone needs to protect him/herself. And sandwich generationers need to help aging parents do this. Some pitfalls --and how to avoid them.
QA104: Fun == Better Mental and Physical Health
Enjoying oneself is critical to health and self esteem. Helping your parent have fun is important.
QA105: Medicine CAN Kill
Drugs can be lifesavers or killers. You need to know the facts.
QA106: Caregiving: Identify Changes and TRUE Needs
Role reversal == major lifestyle and thought process changes. Some helpful TIPS to protect the caregiver.
QA107: Confusion and Memory Loss
Confusion and Memory Loss are tough to deal with, especially from an emotional vantage point. Here are some concrete TIPS to help you. Also, guidance as to whether or not your loved one may have Alzheimers.
QA108: Fragile Health Results from Life's Changes
Ringing in the ears; panic attacks; emotional isolation all negatively impact well-being. Learn why. And more.
QA109: Living Alternatives: the Good and the Bad
Living Alternatives all have their own unique pluses and minuses. TIPS on how to avoid traditional pitfalls of SNF and ALF living.
QA110: Medicine and HMO's
You do have certain rights and choices. Before making such an important decision, understand the system.
QA111: How to Respect Elder's Values
Role reversal is tricky enough without the caregiver forcing her values on the care recipient. Here's why and how to avoid blowups.

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